The Traditional Parrilla BBQ never been this close to you!

Barbecue is a passion of ours and always has been! If you want to experience the real South Brazilian BBQ, you have to try Pampa Flame! We select our meat from the best suppliers in the region to make sure you have nothing but the best when you order a Pampa Flame Barbecue catering service. Everything is prepared on our unique style and on a traditional Parrilla Grill.
The best BBQ catering service, the highest quality meat, the right preparation, the unique Parrilla Grill and the taste…. ahhhh the taste!

If words can’t describe it, you have to come and try it!

About Us

The pitmaster of Pampa Flame, Givago Garcia Tissot was born in Southern Brazil (at the area commonly known as “Pampas”) where the culture of Brazilian barbecue is a strong family tradition. The combination of flames, smoke and meat always fascinated Givago and now, by developing and managing Pampa Flame, he turned his dream into reality.

True to his origins, Pampa Flame uses a very particular method of barbecue: the Parrilla. Most of the families on the Pampas, at the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay would solemnly swear that the meat cooked on the Parrilla would taste unique. We strongly believe that you must taste it and add your opinion into it!


At our catering service, our pitmaster would happily cook an entire Lamb and/or Beef ribs on the ground fire pit so that you could enjoy the view of the meat getting ready in such an entertaining way and delight in the succulent BBQ that comes from it.

Pampa Flame also brings the PARRILLA BBQ everywhere to demonstrate the real Gaucho Style Gastronomy from the area known as Pampa in South America.

We offer great catering services and memorable experiences for weddings, functions, private and corporate events.

Food Truck

Did you know that Pampa Flame also has a Food Truck?

If you’re looking for a BBQ for you next festival, click on the link below and get to know our famous Menu!

And if you feel like tasting our world famous Parrilla BBQ, check where our Food Truck will be next and come visit us! We promise you it is worth the trip!

Where's our Food Truck right now?

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Words of our Pitmaster

“We are on a mission!
At Pampa Flame, we believe that every barbecue lover out there must have a chance to try our traditional Parrilla BBQ.
We won’t stop until you try it!
And we will be ready to welcome you again when you come back for more!